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Let us find those costly leaks. We use specialized state of the art equipment to pin-point pool leaks. Leaks are expensive and destructive! They inflate water bills, degrade the pool finish, dilute water chemistry and may result in structural damage to your pool.

We specialize in residential & commercial VINYL LINER Swimming Pool Leak Detection. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced plus have the desire and perseverance to find that costly and damaging water leak. We utilize state of the art electronic and sonic leak detectors, underwater hydrophones, tracing dyes and good old fashioned common sense. We have the expertise to pin-point even the smallest of leaks. In fact - our technicians are often called to locate leaks others have failed to find.

Electronic Leak Detection / Dive Fees

$250.00 water temp above 80

$300.00 water temp between 70/79

$350.00 water temp between 60/69

$400.00 water temp below 59

Fees include;   Electronic leak detection, dive job to patch up to five holes, each additional patch costs $5.00, dye testing light conduit & faceplates, packing light conduit if required,

NOTE: We will not ask our technicians to enter contaminated water or green pools.

 The pool must be free of any debris and water must be at operating level. If we must vac pool to remove debris, an additional fee of $45.00 will be added to the leak detection.

Plumbing Pressure Test Fees

$200.00 Pressure Test Skimmer, Returns & Polaris line

$150.00 Pressure Test Main Drain

Click below on the "Leak tips" to learn how to find your leak.

Leak Tips

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