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Blue Wave Pool & Spa Services photographs every renovation that they perform, this way you see what work we have completed on your pool.

Liner Job - This customer had to replace their liner every couple years due to the rough concrete floor under the liner, it was causing numerous pinhole leaks. We poured a new vermiculite floor over the rough concrete & replaced the liner.

Liner Job - PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THESE PICTURES - This was a Liner Job completed by a Local pool company in February 2011. The pool would not hold water after they completed the liner job. We were hired to find the leak. The leaks were located at the Step Faceplates, Skimmer Faceplates and the Main Drain. We tested all the underground plumbing and it passed the pressure tests. We ended up having to replace their liner. We found that the other company did not do any vermiculite floor repair (when you look at the pictures, you can see that the floor has major indentations) The other company did not put gaskets behind any faceplates, they used the old liner as a gasket for the main drain, the step faceplates and main drain faceplates were cracked, they installed over sized screws in the the main drain cracking the housing, so we had to eliminate the main drain. Blue Wave Pools repaired the pool floor, installed all new gaskets, faceplates & replaced the liner.

The other companies response to the leaking pool was... They did what the customer asked them to do. "A Basic Liner Job"

Liner Job

Liner Job

New Pump & Filter

New Pump, Filter & Salt System

Major Liner Renovation Raised pool floor from 8' deep to 5' deep, new vermiculite floor, new wall foam, new liner, new pump, filter, timer, salt system & mesh safety cover

New Pump, Filter & Salt System

Drain & Clean


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