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Pump Horsepower



Pumps are not created equal!

Most pool companies will sell you an "up-rated" pump, meaning a 1 hp pump is really a 3/4 hp pump, a 1-1/2 hp is really a 1 hp pump.

If their is no numbers for the HP or SF, this is also an up-rated pump. 

Be sure when shopping against our pumps, you realize that we only sell Full Rated Pumps.

Uprated or Max Rated swimming pool pumps and their replacement motors are very confusing sales tactics. We will never mislead the customer by selling a higher horse power uprated pump/motor and make the customer believe he is actually receiving equal horse power to the full rated pump/motor with the same horse power rating. In fact the opposite is true with regards to horse power. The full rated horse power pump/motor will always outperform the uprated or max rated pump/motor with the same horse power rating.

The Technical differences are explained below:

The bottom line on uprated or max rated pumps and motors is:

  1. An uprated or max rated pump/motor is simply taking a smaller horse power motor and changing the rating plate's service factor value to create the impression of more horse power.
  2. All pump manufacturers have been forced into this practice due to technical changes 40 years ago in the motor manufacturing process. The heavier duty motors created many years ago did allow a false sense of performance to some pump manufacturers.
  3. Basically the pump manufacturers began taking 1 horse power motors and change the service factor to make the consumer believe they were purchasing a 1.5 horse power motor. This practice is now standard operating procedure for all pump manufacturers across all horse power ratings.
  4. The uprated or max rated pump/motor is simply taking the next lowest full rated horse power motor and changing the rating to create a new higher horse power rating.
  5. The performance curve of an uprated or max rated pump/motor is virtually identical to the next lowest horse power full rated pump/motor.

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